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Trying configuring wowza on Alibaba Instance

Hi Support,

I’m trying to setup Wowza in Alibaba instance. on webpage, it ask me to sign in. i tried my existing account username and password but it return wrong password. Please advice me how to sign in the account and finish the configuration.


@Muhamad_Fitri The Alibaba login will be different than your login:

If that does not help, please send further details and a screenshot of error you get.


understood on the difference. as per my understanding, the username and password are define during the installation of wowza. however in this case, the installation is not handle by myself but by the instance provider. therefore should i contact the instance provider support and ask for the username and password?

@Muhamad_Fitri That is correct, you’ll need to gather the Alibaba Cloud login details from them to continue the configuration.