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Trying to deliver fmp4 segments with CMAF over Fastly CDN

Hello I am trying to send a HLS stream with fmp4 packets and not TS I’ve followed all the steps here:

and when streaming from to Wowza Streaming Engine i’m able to view preview the video using this link:
Play the CMAF fMP4 stream:
http://[ address ]/[ application-name ]/[ application-instance ]/[ stream-name ]/playlist_sfm4s.m3u8

Which i got from here.

but when I connect it to Wowza Streaming Cloud and create a livestream in Wowza Video and connect it with the connection code. I see the video streaming fine but the link I get is delivering .ts not fmp4. Am I missing something somewhere? Thanks in advance for the help!

Hello there @John_Murillo . No fMP4 playback or ingest of fMP4 to Wowza Video at at this time, it’s a completely different pathway on CDN and not an option other than through Streaming Engine right now.

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Thank. you so much Rose, so is the only option for sending fMP4 is to send it directly from Streaming Engine right now?

That’s correct! I confirmed with our Product team that we may be able to offer it by end of year for VOD only in Wowza Video, but no ETA on that. You did nothing wrong in your workflow, just not possible yet.

ahh ok wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong but now i get it. Now I’m working on doing this workflow, should this work for me?

Yes as long as the device you are using supports LL-HLS since it’s still kind of a new protocol.

You can test LL-HLS streams by entering the playback URL in the Safari browser on iOS 14, other native apps on devices running iOS 14, or any player that supports LL-HLS. If a player supports HLS but not LL-HLS, it will default to playing LL-HLS streams as standard HLS.

AND you have to do this:

To deliver LL-HLS streams from Wowza Streaming Engine you have to manually enable low latency CMAF packetization for live streaming, in the application, by editing the application’s configuration in XML.