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Trying to verify MPEG TS stream target with VLC


We are testing wowza stream engine 30 day trial right now. Our main goal is to send a live MP4 live stream and retransmit stream out as MPEG TS using MPEG 2 format.

I was able to setup the the incoming steam with no issues. I setup the generic MPEG TS transport stream and says active.

I wanted to test the output stream using VLC on my laptop. I told VLC to open network stream Udp://@:55125.

I get the stream but VLC codec says its still in MP4 format and not MPEG 2. I attached a screen shot of the wowza target stream setup and VLC codec.

How can retransmit an MPEG TS transport stream as MPEG 2 inside Wowza Stream Engine and not MP4?


Checking if this is possible…

Did you try to play this any of the Wowza test players and if so what were the results? Is this just happening with VLC player?

Also, I am getting a little confused on the “live MP4” in your post @Aaron Varnam vs the screenshot of a live application. Are you trying to send recorded video through a mp4 container and send it out as Mpeg-TS chunks? Can you please confirm your workflow? Thanks.

Confirmed with our engineers that you can publish the mp4 as a live stream using the Stream Publisher module and then use an MPEG-TS Stream Target to output the MPEG-TS.

If you’re trying to re-stream a video on demand (VOD) asset as a live stream for use with an MPEG-TS stream target, see Schedule streaming with a Wowza Streaming Engine Java module.

Here is some sample code on GitHub for you as well.

As far as it not playing as MPEG-2 on VLC Player, you’ll need to submit a support ticket so we can fully view your config and logs. Thanks @Aaron Varnam