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Tune the Wowza Streaming Cloud to reduce the lag

I published one live stream to Wowza Streaming Engine(240P quality stream) and pulled this stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud. I tried to play the stream from Wowza Straming Cloud and it worked.

The smoothness was good but the stream lag is approximately 5-6 seconds. I am already using low-latency stream on origin side.

When I directly play the stream from origin the lag is around 1-2 second.

Is there any further setting on Streaming Cloud or Streaming Engine side which I can change to reduce this delay while maintaining the smoothness.


Currently in Wowza Streaming Cloud we provide HTTP playback protocols (Apple HLS and Adobe HDS). These inherently do have some extra latency attached to them due to the design of HTTP protocols. We are actively working on reducing latency as much as it can be done in Cloud, but you should not expect it to be identical to a source stream.