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Tuning edge & origin wowza

Dear all,

I want to ask tuning on cupertino which already documented on this link, when i tried to follow the exact setting the streaming will stuck on buffering.

but if reset cupertinoMaxChunkCount & CupertinoPlaylistChunkCount to default value, the streaming are running smoothly.

is there any option that i need to setting to solve it?

Hello @Iyus Dedi Putra,

Try adjusting the cupertinoMaxChunkCount, CupertinoPlaylistChunkCount and cupertinoChunkDurationTarget from the minimum to something higher.

Possibly using a 2 second chunk size (along with the corresponding chunk counts) would improve the playback stability.



@Alex C

If i change chunkduration to 2 second the mediafile that user streaming become bigger than before. Coz’ i wanted to decrease the bandwidth usage that user needed to stream our live tv.

Hi Iyus,

Lowering the chunk duration improves the latency but doesn’t reduce the bandwidth required for playback. To reduce the bandwidth, you might want to utilize a transcoded rendition with smaller frame size and bitrate requirements. You can manipulate which ones are available for users and the following article maybe helpful to you in this process:

Controlling Transcoder in WSE

Best regards,


@Andrew Ramberg

Thank you sir for your advice, now i already resize the frame size and bitrate and it works like a charm.