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Turning on SSL

I am trying to set Wowza Streaming Engine up for SSL but have had no luck in getting it successfully working so far. Normally when I set a website up for SSL, I make the configuration changes and create the SSL key and certificate files on the physical server itself. I’ve looked at all of the Wowza documentation for SSL and I don’t see anything that talks about what changes need to be made to the server. I am running Apache, so I’m assuming that mod_ssl and openssl need to be installed on the server, is this correct? Are there any additional configuration changes that need to be made to the server itself or is everything done from within the Wowza user interface?

Hello kalipekona,

We do have an article that describes how to import an existing SSL certificate and private key and also configure the to use the imported certificate.

You can find this article here.

Hope this helps,