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Two Wowza on same public server

Is it possible to have two wowza installed on the same public dedicated server? Maybe in different folders and on different ports? Thanks.

I suppose it’s possible; but why would you do that?

My client want two wowza with two separate access and admins. That’s what he want. I want to know is it possible and is there tutorial how to?

I recommend to ask your client why (s)he wants this, because in almost all cases there’s a better solution.

Wowza runs in a JRE so you would need to look into how to run two separate JRE’s each with a separate PID (Linux assumed); and set the port numbers in the VHost.xml so that they don’t conflict. You will need to update the startup scripts e.g. in /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine/bin folder and maybe in the systemd folder (/etc/init.d on older Linux systems)

Thanks for response. I find this instruction:

Will try it.