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Ubuntu 16 LTS reco


We want to move to using latest Wowza streaming engine over Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to take advantage of some new features there. Can anyone having experience running latest Wowza on Ubuntu 16 LTS comment on their experience with stability and which version of Java they used to achieve a good stable working config? (I’ve had not so good experiences upgrading Wowza and Java JRE on Ubuntu 14 LTS and want to try a clean install vs doing upgrades.)



Hi Brian,

We do have many customers who use Ubuntu without any issues. I personally use 16.04 LTS on a number of servers and they all run well. If installing Wowza then we do bundle a JRE, though it is possible to use your own as shown in this article.


Thanks Paul. Which Java JRE version do you use in this case where you have had no issues with 16.04 LTS? Thanks for the reco.


Hi Brian,

The latest Wowza versions comes with a bundled JRE that is installed and is automatically configured for use by the software. Do please use this version initially instead of a custom one as this has been tested with our software.