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UDP: how to enable NACK with Wowza Streaming Engine XML?

I searched here for ‘NACK’ and didn’t find a good match in the top results.


Note: If you use UDP ICE candidates, enabling NACK messages is recommended to allow for retransmission of lost packets. See the optional RTP properties in Configure a live application for information about how to enable NACK with Wowza Streaming Engine XML.

that page it links to (I can’t relink it here because this forums software thinks I am a new user trying to link more than 2 urls) isn’t showing me information about enabling NACK. When I use the search function I am not currently finding it on

This is the linked page (forum software wouldn’t let me post with it in)

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So sorry that wasn’t easier to find for you. It looks like you found it and I would suggest to others that in addition to searching in the forums, look for documentation by also trying the the search bar on the wowza documentation page.

Let me share the info though from the correct article HERE - you will need to click on SEE THE STEPS for the dropdown of properties to appear.

Scroll down to this property in the article.

To configure this property in the xml:

To handle out of order and retransmitted packets for WebRTC publishing, add the following optional RTP definitions, including Name , Type (where applicable), and Value , to the <RTP> / <Properties> container in the [ install-dir ]/conf/[ applicationName ]/Application.xml file.


I hadn’t realized the search at the top of this page excluded docs - will keep that in-mind in the future.

And I had ctrl+f searched that page for ‘nack’ - forgot to expand/click the links before searching.

No worries- it is a bit buried, so we’ll try to improve the process to find it!

In Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.10

  • Fixed an issue with RTCP NACK messages not being correctly rate-limited with WebRTC streams.