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UDP-to-HTTP and re-streaming

I want re-streaming my IPTV in my local network.

I use UDP-to-HTTP proxy ( for conversion udp-multicast traffic in IPTV tcp-unicast (http).

How correctly configure Wowza for re-striming to rtmp/rtsp?


ITPV (multicast, udp, mpeg-ts)->UPD-to-HTTP proxy->Wowza->rtmp/rtsp



You should be able to re-stream from the UDP URL without the HTTP Proxy, which Wowza will not support. Take a look at this tutorial:


No, that won’t work because Wowza does not support http ingress


You can re-stream a multicast MPEG-TS H.264/AAC stream from an MPEGTS encoder. Take a look at this guide:


Thank you for reply.

This tutorial i looked.

but i can’t take UDP stream inside my Local Network and can’t setup Wowza on server with UDP stream.

Will the following scheme:


Hi Richard,

Is there any documents talking about re-stream a multicast RTP source with Wowza as Tekillo wrote? I would like to use wowza to re-sream an multicast RTP such as IPTV to rtmp that everyone can view it on Web browser.

Thank you.