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UDP Tramision Sony Ipela SNC-EB630


I wonder if anyone can guide on how to setup correctly UDP transmission on Sony Ipela SNC-EB630 IP Camera



On most of the manual found online they talk about switch mode.

I tried contacting Sony support and answer the following:

“This information is provided as a whitepaper the information is provided “AS IS”. No product support is available”

Checking a guide found this


But is not working

If i use this


Only display a black screen but display the correct information of media (Resolution / FPS, etc)

Currently i am using, and works fine over TCP.


But i have been advised to use UDP better for live streaming video, with no luck.

Thanks in advance for your help.


It may be that you need to adjust your ingest settings in Wowza for your UDP stream. There are some RTSP settings that can help with problematic sources, as explained here.

If that doesn’t help then zip up your /conf and /logs and open a support ticket.