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UDP. Unstable streams.

I’m using UDP for streaming via wowza server, but streams are constantly unstable. I’m new in this stuff. What am i doing wrong. Willbe grateful for any idea.

When i’m using TCP protocol everything goes well.

At the beginning I thought the problem was bandwidth, but now I’m sure the bandwidth is ok.

Streams do appear on the server, but when I’m doing broadcast streams are very unstable.

I was checking my app algorithm using TCP and everything works fine, so the problem is not with coding.

Hello, I am going to share this with our consultants and have someone reach out to you.

Thanks for reaching out!

Hello. I have an absolutely similar problem, tell me if we can wait for help from your side?

Hello @Grigory Ilushin, I can share some troubleshooting docs with you, but because there can be so many different reasons why it is unstable, you would really need to open a support ticket so we can run some tests.

Check these docs first though please: