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udp, video chat and connection information

We have a strange problem where 2 users are able to use the sample video chat application fine, but 1 user on a different network cannot.

This is obviously network related but I am stuck to find where…

As per the instructions all sides of the network have the following ports opened :

TCP 1935: RTMP (all variants), RTSP, Smooth and Cupertino Streaming

UDP 6970-9999: RTP UDP Streaming

My first thought was that the udp ports were not opened, but on my own test server and on the live server I can not see any UDP traffic from Wowza at all.

The main live server has 2 network connections, 1 to LAN A and 1 to LAN B.

My IP webcams data speaks to wowza from LAN A. This is the same lan that the user is trying the video chat. I watch the http stream output from the webcams from LAN B. 2 machines on LAN B are able to use the video chat with no problem.

The ip webcams use stream files with a sdp url inside them from a rtsp stream. Therefore from the ports above they will use 1935. When I watch the webcams on the website it appears I also use port 1935.

Where is UDP used or what does the video chat app use so I can try and narrow down this issue?


I should add that the affected user who cant use the video chat IS able to view the ip webcams through wowza wth no problem at all. So this would suggest his connectivity is fine if both types of applications just use tcp 1935?

UDP is not used in Flash RTMP chat application; it is TCP.

Make sure you can reach Wowza from the problem client location in a browser at this address:



IP webcam with port 1935? That’s unusual. Are you sure? Same IP address? That would be a problem. Please describe your setup in more detail.

Is this just one user, or is any location outside the LAN a problem? Did you try that URL at the problem location, in a browser on that user’s desktop? Do you see Wowza version and build number? If not, you probably just need to map port 1935 in your network to the server running Wowza.

Did you undo your other changes? Those were unnecessary. You might want to start over. Delete the /conf/videochat/* and /applications/videochat, then run [wowza-install-dir]/examples/VideoChat/install.bat


The MediaCaster Property forceInterleaved should not be in this application, and defintely not set to “false”.

Again, I would start over. It’s a simple app, should work with out too much trouble. Delete /conf/videochat and run that install.bat in the VideoChat folder. btw, the VideoChat example has no features, it is bare minimum basic chat functionality.

These 4 third-party companies offer useful products with pre-built video chat environments.


Did you copy the Application.xml from /examples/video chat/? The one from /wowza-install-dir/conf/ won’t work.

from reading another post () none of my conf/Application.xml files (for ip webcam, or video chat) have the forceInterleave set to false like this :




So does that mean that I do not need udp ports open at all for Wowza and all my traffic is tcp 1935 (plus the streammanager and admin ports 8084,8085 and 8086) ??

anyone got any advice on this one???

UDP is not used in Flash RTMP chat application; it is TCP.

Make sure you can reach Wowza from the problem client location in a browser at this address:



yes the client can reach that as he can see the ip webcams which also use port 1935 which is why i am confused

The ip webcams have .stream files on port 554 which are then attached to wowza application called ‘live’ with type ‘live’ using StartupStreams.xml

the streamscheduler then creates ‘fake’ stream called which switches at times from the live webcams to an mp4


We view the webcams through Wowza over http using url like : http://:1935/live/

This all works fine.

I havent made any changes to the video chat Application.xml as the forceInterleaved was already set to false.

When I said ip webcam using port 1935 i meant through Wowza, and not its own port which is 554 which it streams to wowza from.

So the user can connect to tcp 1935 to see webcams fine, but he cant connect to video chat which also on wowza uses port 1935 which in my view removes a firewall issue as the port is clearly open as he can see webcams through wowza.

I also cant believe there is a problem with the configuration of the video chat app, as 2 of us on my side of the network can use it fine as well, therefore my only other idea was that some other protocol or port is not enabled for the other user for him to use it but what ?

Does that sound reasonable?

ok i have done that by copying the example Application.xml back in to the conf/vchat folder which is the app name I use (i am on a linux server so dont think there is an install process for that?)

I will check with the user to see if that makes any difference and get back to you here

this is closed and put down to a user and network problem which was the initial idea anyway just wasnt able to prove it. did not change the Application.xml file from what I had from page 1 from this post and it worked fine.

also now happy that UDP is not being used