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Ugly Horizontal lines during movement


I ask your help on this … My live streaming is fine … but when people or objets move … you can see horizontal lines … I have 2 streaming … one to Wowza and other one to Livestream … Livestream is fine


My configuration Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (Windows)

Livestream Channel:

This happens with many streaming (not just this one)

Is there any I can do to fix this ?


This is caused because the camera that is feeding into the encoder is outputting an interlaced image. This is normal when using a camera designed for tv. Each frame coming from the camera only has every second line of the image. The next frame has the other lines.

In your encoder, there is a deinterlace setting on your encoder which may help. (Bottom left hand corner of the settings page).

The other way to fix it is to set the output frame size to 1/2 of the original frame size.


Thks a lot !!