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ULL streams has no audio


I set and publish a stream (sent to engine using RTMP protocol) to the default live app instance (it has the stream file: with the stream address: rtmp://

	.setStreamName(stream, "");


and then try to watch it in wowza player. Video works but it has no sound. In console wowza player says:

ERROR: PlayerStreamer: unknown audioCodec

INFO: PlayerStreamer: creating sourceBuffers: videoCodec:avc1.4d001f audioCodec:

INFO: PlayerStreamer: canPlay video/mp4;codecs=“avc1.4d001f”: probably

although onCodecInfoAudio listener in the live app says that the stream has mp4a.40.2 audio codec. HLS streams works properly (video and audio). When I use the default audioonly transcoder it works properly but I cannot use transcoding on my production server.

Reproduced on Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Developer Edition 4.7.7.

May I ask what your encoder source is or tools you’re using to send the stream to Wowza?

I send the RTMP stream from an iOS device using VideoCore:

Also, please know that only certain audio codecs are ingested by Engine. Please see the following chart:

Tech support would like you to submit a support ticket @Denis Khaletckii. We are not sure what you’re trying to accomplish from your info you have shared. Your post says ULL in the title and that requires a specific workflow with no transcoding involved. Tech support will assist you once you open a ticket.