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Ultra Low latency and Facebook


I want to use an ultra low latency CDN

How can I push to facebook and push ULL CDN to my mobile application?

I refer to this example

Hi @aries weng, thanks for the question. We do not support ULL streams to the FB player, but you can create a mobile playback app with our GoCoder SDK that would indeed support ULL streams.

Using the Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API or user interface, you can send a single bitrate live stream from any H.264 IP camera or encoder to geographically distributed cloud-based servers over RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, WOWZ or WOWZS.

The servers then deliver the stream to players that support WebSocket-based playback URLs.

  • . We use our proprietary protocol WOWZ that is WebSocket based for ULL streams.
  • Playback using Wowza Player in supported browsers or mobile apps developed with Wowza GoCoder SDK

So… can’t push the source stream to the ultra low latency CDN and push it to Facebook Rtmp at the same time?

Checking…respond shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Yes @aries weng, I confirmed with the engineers you can do this.

You can push into a Wowza Streaming Cloud instance that then pushes the RTMP stream to FB and then a second stream target can be created for ULL( the ULL stream target goes through the CDN). It may add end to end latency since it would be adding a hop to the path.

You can find articles and tutorials for both steps here:

@Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

Is the process like this? So does Gocder receive a delay of 5 seconds?