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Unable read stream workers info from properties

Hello guys,

I have installed the WebRTC add-on, followed all steps, but when I click on publish using your html examples it seems to be working Ok, but no incoming stream is created on the wowza server, on the webrtc application we set up for this. But on the error log we got this message every time I hit the publish button:

onUnPublish[webrtc/definst/]: unable read stream workers info from properties

c-client-id: 2124455051,c-ip:,cs-bytes: 0,sc-bytes: 0,x-duration: 60471.765


Juan Carlos Sosa

Hi @Juan Carlos Sosa, this “Hire a Consultant” forum is meant for companies who seek to hire a consultant to help them build a solution, or - as in your case - solve a problem. If that was your intention, then don’t hesitate to contact me on

Alternatively, you can post your question in one of the Wowza Streaming Engine forums here: or join the community on slack:

Hi Karel thanks!

I moved to the Community Forum!