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Unable to consume WebRTC stream when Wowza Streaming Engine is installed in cloud


We have been successfully using Wowza Streaming Engine for WebRTC playback in on-premise deployment. We now want to install the Wowza Streaming Engine in Cloud(Azure) for WebRTC playback

I have created a Wowza VM(Private IP) on the cloud and put it behind a firewall (Public IP). I am also forwarding 443 and 1935 port from firewall VM to Wowza VM.

I am successfully able to stream HLS playback(This proves that port forwarding is working properly) but WebRTC playback is not working.

The issue is occurring due to Ice Candidate configuration. I have tried putting the firewall VM Public IP as well as Wowza VM private IP but none seem to work. Due to security reasons, it is not possible to assign a public IP to the Wowza VM

I was reading through the Wowza blog on WebRTC playback and it is mentioned that

  • At this time, full session traversal utilities for NAT (STUN) negotiation aren’t supported. Currently, Wowza Streaming Engine only supports traversal of symmetric NATs. A single STUN transport configuration (TCP or UDP) must be used. TURN servers are not supported at this time.

What are our options in this scenario to achieve WebRTC playback? is WebRTC playback even possible in this architecture?

We are using Wowza streaming engine version 4.8.5


You know I’m not sure what the workaround is for this, so let me bring this question to tech support engineers and I’ll let you know what I find out @Alok_Kumar2. Thanks.

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This is what I was told:

If their private and public IP are not working, likely there’s a configuration issue. Please have them create a support ticket with their full conf and logs for review of their setup. Browser version used and console logs will be helpful as well.