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Unable to launch EC2 instance as M5, even though my previous Wowza server was M5

I have a reserved M5 instance that saves us some money on a yearly commitment. Our Wowza server was using this M5 reservation. I launched a new server with the latest Wowza AMI and am unable to select M5. I can select M4, but I don’t have a reservation for M4, it costs more, and it doesn’t make much sense that M4 would be supported but M5 is not. Please advise!

This shows my old server is running m5.large but the new one is at m4.large and unable to be launched as m5

I know we were looking to add this in early 2020 so let me get an update for you. I may not know until morning though- fyi.

We are waiting approval from AWS for the 4.8.0 listing update and that includes machine sizes like M5. It should be any day now.