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Unable to log into Wowza Engine Manager after configuring REST APIs over SSL


I wanted to configure Wowza REST APIs over SSL and I was able to achieve that by editing the server.xml file and adding details in the section.

When I tried to login to the Engine manager, I am unable to login, what could be the issue ?

Here is my server.xml config related to REST API over ssl

            <!-- none, basic, digest, remotehttp, digestfile -->
                <KeyStorePath>C:\Program Files (x86)\Wowza Media Systems\Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.0/conf/wowza-keystore.jks</KeyStorePath>

Thanks for the info. So, I’m trying to follow the issue from what you posted, did you enable your SSL certificate over a port that is different from the port you use for Engine Manager? They can’t be the same.

Not sure that’s the issue or not. For us to be sure, we’ll need to review all your config files and logs through a support ticket please.

I am using different port for engine manager (8088 by default) and 8087 for REST APIs. I have already created a support ticket for this.

Yes, I see your ticket 368302 now and that you are being assisted there, Thanks for doing that so we can properly assist you and see what the issue is.

Hi @Alok_Kumar2 , I got the same issue after enabling ssl in Server.xml , can you please tell me what was the solution in your case?

I have added the SSL cert to the java cert store and I was able to login to the Engine manager when Rest APIs are configured over SSL.

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