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Unable to play LL-HLS stream generated by wowza on Theo Player


I am generating a stream via OBS straight to wowza streaming engine, both the applications run locally.

following is the URL that I’m using to try playing the stream on Theo Player, but all I see is an infinite loading spinner with “LIVE” icon… and in network tab: An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.

application name: live
stream name: mango

port information:
Open TCP Port: 443 (https)
Open TCP Port: 1935 (macromedia-fcs)

Wowza server private Ip:
Wowza server port: 1935

Theo Player: stuck with black screen

in dev console it says An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.

I’ve carefully placed the StreamLock certificate, verified by running=>

command: openssl s_client -connect

output: CONNECTED(00000005)

ping to sends back: PING ( 56 data bytes

Do I have to use my public IP to generate the certificate? I’ve used my private IP.
How do I generate a public URL for LLHLS stream?

Welcome to our forums @shriyans_Kapoor. Your SSL certificate info- the string of letters and numbers is meant to be your private account info to keep your streams safe. It’s not something you should post been publicly here in the forums. If you’d like, you can request another one from Wowza and then don’t share that one.

You would need to use the public IP address for SSL and that’s the one the public or internet would see. . This should be the Engine Server IP address.
The IP address is listed as Host - Server on the Home page in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager under Application Connection Settings.

Here is a troubleshooting doc for you on SSL

Also a video on how to set up a LL-HLS stream:

For any debugging, you will need to submit a support ticket as we cannot do that in the forums. Thanks.