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unable to play my live streaming url in Nokia mobiles

unable to play my live streaming URL on Nokia 5800 mobile.

but able to play my streaming with android and Iphones.

Please suggest

Can you also specify what is the streaming URL you are trying to play back with your Nokia phone?


You may want to try Wowza’s transcoder option and turn that into h.263 video and see if that helps. you can turn it on for a short bit and not have to pay if you just do a quick test. or you end up paying hour/day/month/etc if you leave it on. I’ve done that to test various devices that can’t handle h.264. (there are even some android phones out there that can’t due to idiot cellular carriers doing dumb things).


Is it possible that your video has a resolution that Nokia doesn’t support?

What is the video size you are using? Normally, the same rtsp stream that is working for Android, it should work for your Nokia phone.



I did a search on the internet about this Nokia model, and it looks like other people are also complaining that it is not able to play back H264/AAC videos.

Here is the discussion link I have found:

It looks like a device issue.


Trying in the below format



Hi Zoran,

Thanks for ur immediate reply.

And i am using ffmpeg for converting the live streaming to wowza server with video profile baseline libx264 and audio with aac.

able to stream on



But unable to stream to Nokia or Sony Experia.

Please suggest

We are using video size as 352x288.