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unable to play s3 video with mediacache

uploaded live stream using ModuleS3Upload which i can find on below url

using same access key and secret key in media cache which is being used in ModuleS3Upload

Base Path:

s3 Bucket: istreamrecord

use amazon s3 bucket name in domain: false

awsSigningVersion: 4

awsDefaultRegion: ap-south-1

when trying to access the media using VOD Edge (test) OR

getting errors, can you assist here?

MediaCacheItemBase.init: Item does not exist: Item not in cache can you please help here

Error Log: MediaCache source not found: istreamrecord/orange_3.mp4: MediaCache source not found: istreamrecord/orange_3.mp4|at|at|at com.wowza.wms.httpstreamer.model.HTTPStreamerAdapterBase.doesFileExist(|at com.wowza.wms.httpstreamer.cupertinostreaming.httpstreamer.HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.onPlaylist(|at com.wowza.wms.httpstreamer.cupertinostreaming.httpstreamer.HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.serviceMsg(|

Access Log: x-ctx: istreamrecord/orange_3.mp4,x-vhost: defaultVHost,x-app: test,x-appinst: definst,x-duration: 0.0,s-ip:,s-port: 1935,s-uri:,c-ip:,c-proto: http (cupertino),c-user-agent: Lavf/58.28.101,c-client-id: 1934533779,cs-bytes: 0,sc-bytes: 0,x-stream-id: 1,x-spos: 0,cs-stream-bytes: 0,sc-stream-bytes: 0,x-sname: istreamrecord/orange_3.mp4,x-suri:,x-suri-stem:,cs-uri-stem:

Let me share the MediaCache document with you so you may see all the url examples that are provided and you can make corrections to the ones you have shared. If you still need assistance, please submit a support ticket and our engineers will be happy to guide you.