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Unable to playback rts stream ONLY with FMLE

Hi all,

We’re installing a wowza server and everything looks good. I’m trying to encode using different Softwares (OBS, VMix and FMLE). Problem is, I can publish on our folder using OBS (x264) Vmix FFmpeg and FMLE but when I publish using FMLE I can’t playback my stream (any format, rtmp or rtsp).

We’re using FMLE on our company so, so far, changing encode software is not an option.

I’ve looked on other questions on the forum and it looks fine according to other posts.

Any Idea? Many thanks

Check the codec settings that you have with FMLE. I know that FMLE supports H.264 video, but it only supports AAC audio if you have bought the AAC-extension.

Assuming that you’re using the free version of FMLE: It only supports SPEEX or Nellymoser audio codecs, and you will need to transcode in your Wowza server before you can play the audio. I’m not 100% certain, but in such case, the Wowza Server may refuse to generate HLS and/or MPEG-DASH streams because the audio isn’t compatible.

Transcoding from SPEEX to AAC is relatively easy and not resource-intensive (at least not as resource-intensive as transcoding video) - there’s a default transcoder template “audioOnly” that you can use; but you may want to check the audio bitrate in that template, because I recall that out-of-the-box it’s set to a rather low value. A caveat is that SPEEX doesn’t really have the best quality.

Another thing is of course that FMLE is really old now, so you may consider moving to one of the other ones.