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Unable to remove Akamai 'defEvent' from PushPublish HLS Manifest POSTs in WSE 4.7.6

During our migration testing from to 4.7.6 QA reported a breaking change for our Akamai PushPublish integration that is preventing us from deploying the update.

Per your notes at:, “If no event name is specified and the target isn’t defined in an adaptive group, then the default event name defEvent is used in the stream URL.” We do not include the eventName in our workflow as Akamai has never required it.

This is a new behavior that wasn’t present in that has ramifications on the playback URL, stream analytics and other areas of our (and I’d assume others) workflow.

While we can certainly look into re-writing the entire integration to satisfy this change, is it possible to provide the option to exclude “defEvent” from being implanted in the HLS Manifest POSTs to Akamai?

The impact of the change is reflected below: HLS Manifest POST to Akamai:

PushPublishHTTPCupertinoAkamaiHandler.connect(go/_definst_/xxxxxx->xxxxxx) hostId:xxxxx-i streamId:xxxxx eventName:[notset] ingressURL: playbackURL: 

4.7.6 HLS Manifest POST to Akamai:

PushPublishHTTPCupertinoAkamaiHandler.connect(go/_definst_/xxxxx->xxxxx) hostId:xxxxxxx-i, streamId: 503409, eventName: defEvent, ingressURL:, playbackURL: 

Please note the change in the playback URL in the second where ‘defEvent’ was added.


Is it possible to have the option the exclude the inclusion of an eventName altogether in 4.7.6 and future builds?

Thanks for any help.

This is important also for us. FWIW I found a workaround using “/” as eventName, which is an evil hack to force the push URL to be http://[your-ingress][streamID]///[groupname], that due to normalization process works the same way that with only one ‘/’