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Unable to Run Wowza GoCoder with React Native

I’m following the information at:

I could integrate the SDK finally, figuring out some integration issues.

But when I run it on Android (did not run it on iOS yet) it gives me a NullPointerException on BroadcastManager.getOrientationBehavior(). This is a screenshot of the exception.

I’m clueless on what is going wrong here. Appreciate any help.

I edited /node_modules/react-native-wowza-gocoder/android/src/main/java/com/rngocoder/ and changed getOrientationBehavior method at the end of the file to return WZMediaConfig.ALWAYS_PORTRAIT removing the “switch” block.

This fixed the crash above but then it only shows an all black screen. The reason for the black screen issue is that I have not given the app the Camera permission on the device. Giving the camera permission resolved all and it is now showing the camera preview.

Hello @Yehan Pemarathne

Great to hear you were able to resolve this issue.