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Unable to send stream target to workplace account thru RTMPS

Dear Team,

unable to send the stream target to facebook workplace account thru RTMPS. workplace and facebook both are accepts only rtmps. i had enabled the SendSSL in stream target custom properties as true but still not working. Please do needful.

Sorry to hear you are having issues @john wesley. What errors are you getting? Is there more you can share because you can successfully stream to FB using RTMPS, so I am curious if it there could be an issue somewhere else with your stream target setup or with your FB security token.

Please share more when you say “it is not working” so we can try and identify the issue. Thank you.


We are currently working on this in an active ticket and will update this post after the resolution has been found.

Kind regards,

Abby Munguia

Wowza Support Engineer

Thanks for the update Abby.

Dear Abby and Rose,

i wanted to set the stream target to workplace not to the facebook. Workplace is launched by facebook it is very similar to facebook. workplace for organizations. Finally i had did the stream by adding the below string value in custom settings of RTMP stream target. it got disappeared after adding and saving the string but stream is working fine.






Fantastic! Thanks for updating the community and yes it does require RTMPS for any FB streams now. I saw your ticket and am glad it is working out.

The SEND SSL in Engine parameters is by default set to FALSE, so you do need to change it to TRUE as you listed and you also need port 443 enabled for RTMPS streams.