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Unable to stream from wowza Stream Engine to Facebook-Rest API

Still I didn’t get any clarifications on streaming to facebook through Rest API.

You can find the attachment in this post in which I got the access token there, but I have a confusion like there are 4 different access tokens available in the facebook [I had enclosed an Image ‘Facebook Access Tokens.PNG’ for this also] for which I need to get the access token?

In the image ‘Access Token.PNG’ you can see the marked areas in red color, in which the very 1st one is the right access token what we need or the 3rd one in green color text? and the 2nd one is the right destinationId?

accesstoken.pngfacebook-access-tokens.pngI followed this link ‘’ to get the access token and finally confirmed that in the facebook debugger tool ‘’. Is this right?

And as in the document provided ‘The app must have the required user and account permissions to post live videos to Facebook Live.’ where and how can I see those user and account permissions?

This is the link ‘’ you can find the latest log files, please click the link to download and check it.

Explain me more clearly.

Hello @Priyanka ME, a potential solution for you that has worked for others:

We have a doc for creating stream targets via Rest API; what you can do is to create it via UI in Streaming Engine Manager, simply click Facebook as a stream target, so you can configure it as needed, then perform the GET request via API, and use the json response as the body for your POST.

Also, please refer to this workflow:

If you are still experiencing problems, please submit a support ticket. Thanks.

Hi Rose

I didn’t ask about the json datas, I just asked how to get access token and destId, please read and understand the question completely and then answer me. This answer shows you didn’t even read my description part and just answered for the name shake as your job.

Hello @Priyanka ME, I’m sorry for your reaction and I do understand the frustration in seeking a solution. I did check with 2 different engineers and shared a link to this post so they read it and did see your attached images. I’m sorry we do not have resources for you on how to acquire the tokens through FB.

The question about the tokens is for Facebook or the 3rd party you are using. We only provide a resource once the tokens have been secured as you can see in this Wowza doc:

Acquire a Facebook access token

When using the REST API to configure Wowza Streaming Engine to send a stream to Facebook Live, you must first use an external Facebook application that you’re developing to acquire a Facebook access token. Note the following requirements for the external Facebook application:

  • The app must have the required user and account permissions to post live videos to Facebook Live.
  • The app’s Require App Secret option must be disabled.

Tech support is currently working to assist you on the ticket you submitted.

For those acquiring a token through the FB API explorer, please select the “user access token” and insert that raw token in the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API.

Still I didn’t get solution for this, as a 1st version of our project we are implemented in another way for FB using “stream key”.

This is not a right solution. Still I didn’t get solution for this, as a 1st version of our project we are implemented in another way for FB using “stream key”.

I appreciate your update @Priyanka ME. I just spoke with the engineer that had been assigned to support ticket 27984617 you had submitted for this issue.

He had tried to reach you several times after initial conversation and closed the ticket due to no response. If you still require assistance, a new ticket would have to be submitted. Do we have your correct email address for contact? Is it the same email address that is still related to this forum account?

I’d also like to share that the engineer reported we can try to assist you with the other way you implemented your project and acquired a FB token or stream key, but we can only assist with non-Wowza workflows or 3rd party options to a certain degree. They’d like to take a look though and get more info in a new ticket.

Thank you.

ok sure. Thanks for your response @Rose Power. This is my contact email

If your support team is ready to explain regarding ‘getting access token for Facebook account’, we are very much glad to get it. Kindly proceed with the new ticket and assist with us.

Great! That’s the email we have on file. A support ticket has to be opened by the customer and not me. Sorry about that. You can submit a new one here and we’ll take another look. Thanks @Priyanka ME.