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Unable to stream ISM* files in WOWZA with Flowplayer.


I have configured flowplayer to play my RTMP streams. I have successfully streaming FLV,MP4,M4V files but I can’t stream a ISMV file.

I have tried many configurations but no luck.

This is my script for flowpayer:

I have tried many URLs (url: ‘smil:sample.ismc’,). I have many files in my content directory with following extensions:





Is there any way to stream any of the above files?

I am getting these errors in log :

MediaReaderFactory: getInstance: Missing definition for ismv

I am using WowzaMediaServer-2.2.4 and flowpalyer 3.2.7

Any help would highly appreciated.


Arun S


The ISMC files are Smooth streaming manifest files generated by Expression 4 encoder, and are of no use with Wowza.

ISM files are equivalent to SMIL files, but are of no use with Flash RTMP streaming. They can be used with Wowza in Silverlight player (see Wowza example SimpleVideoStreaming clientSilverlight).

The ISMV files are fragmented mp4 files. You can use these with Wowza and Flowplayer. Use mp4: prefix

url: 'mp4:sample.ismv'

ISMV files are not ideal, there is significant server-side overhead because they are fragmented.

The best way to use Expression 4 encoder with Wowza is to encode mp4 files, and create .SMIL files if you are going to multi-bitrate streaming for iOS, Silverlight or Flash HTTP streaming. For RTMP you have to do Flash Dynamic streaming, which Flowplayer probably has a plugin for but I don’t have a link (I do know the jw player version if you want that let me know, but as you are with Flowplayer now I would see if it has that first.)

Take a look at the Expression 4 presets in this article:

And the multi-bitrate section of this tutorial: