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unable to switch to basic auth


When in my Server.xml i set RESTInterface authenication to basic i’m getting 500 error in my admin interface (and also via surl i’m unable to do basic auth) does someone know how to use basic auth instead in digest ?

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I’m also having this issue, setting the RESTInterface authentication to basic causes a 500 error on the Wowza management interface. Does the authentication method need to be also then changed in the management config somehow? I notice there’s a Manager.xml file in the /manager/conf directory with similar settings to the Server.xml file?




Unfortunately currently only provide digest authentication for the REST interface on port 8087. We do have this already logged in our backlog queue and hope to provide “basic” authentication at a later date.


Its now 2 years later is this issue solved yet? or is it a workaround, running the restinterface on two different ports?