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Unable to synchronize CCTV status on Wowza Streaming Server

CCTV (RTSP)-> Wowza Streaming Server-> Web Server (Wowza Player) to monitor the CCTV screen on the web.

Using the REST API to get CCTV status information from the Wowza server, there was a problem with synchronization.

  • In the Incoming Streams menu of the Wowza Streaming Server, the Status of the CCTV is Active. But the problem is not actually streaming. No problem when playing CCTV with VLC Player.
    -Occasional time out error when sending request to Wowza with REST API. (Timeout time: 3 seconds-Average REST response time is around 0.3 seconds) This problem often occurs when there is no load on the Wowza server.


  1. Do you have a log that identifies the cause of the question?
  2. How to sync when there is a mismatch between the status information displayed on Wowza and the actual CCTV status.
  3. How to check if the stream is actually streaming except for the REST API.
  4. When a REST API request comes in, there is a log that Wowza manages the response to the request or the request history.

Thank you.

Hello @hanul an, the Wowza Player only accepts the Wowza proprietary protocol WOWZ or HLS. It will not play an RTSP stream. You would need to enable the transcoder and deliver it through HLS to use the Wowza Player.

Wowza Media System offers player software called Wowza™ Player, a lightweight HTML5 player that plays HLS streams.

Thank you for answer.

Sorry for the confusion. It is already playing in Wowza Player via HLS.

I have a problem with frequent timeouts when monitoring current stream status with REST API.

I am having difficulty finding the cause of the above problem.

Thank you for answer.

already streaming video from WebPlayer via HLS.

My problem is that I often encounter a timeout when monitoring the state of CCTV in Wowza with the REST API.

We need something to identify the cause of the problem.