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Unable to verify connection code generated through Java SDK

I have integrated Wowza Streaming Cloud SDK and created livestream successfully. But when I try to use the connection code in Wowza GoCoder App on my Android device, getting error like ‘verify or regenerate connection code’.

If I try to create a stream from my trial account through, connection code works.

Can help to understand if its due to any limitation of SDK or trial account.

Appreciate any help on my query, please.Unable to proceed further.

We need more info. Are you using the GoCoder free app or the GoCoder SDK? We are discontinuing the Wowza GoCoder app and GoCoder SDK and stopped offering licenses for the GoCoder SDK after April 2, 2020. When you say GoCoder app, do you mean the free app or an app you built with the SDK?

For any GoCoder related issues whether the free GoCoder app or an app with the GoCoder SDK, you’ll need to submit a support ticket for any assistance now that it is being sunset. Thanks.

Appreciate any help on my query, please.Unable to proceed further.

I’ve used Wowza Streaming Cloud SDK to create livestream and GoCoder free app to verify the connection code obtained. The issue was such connection code was unable to verify through the GoCode app and got resolved through a support ticket.

I understand that there is a sunset activity planned for few of the services, so would like to clarify the below points.

  1. With the sunset of wowza player, will there be any impact on livestreams created with player type as Wowza Player?
  2. Will there be any impact to GoCoder App?
  3. If any impact for the above 2, whats the alternate that you’re proposing?