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Understanding Streaming Stats - Inbound and Outbound Bitrate Dropped in the Middle of Event

Hello Wowza, I did a live stream today that was about 3.5 hours in length. About 2.5 hours into it viewers were experiencing a black screen. I checked my health stats in Wowza Cloud and it showed a dramatic drop in the inbound and outbound bitrates. I’m trying to understand what may have happened, was it an encoder problem, I use Wirecast or was it more likely a bandwidth problem with my AT&T Uverse account. We unfortunately only have a 3MB upload speed on a 25MB download. My stream is set to 480P at 1MP upload so there should be plenty of headroom, I’ve done a number or speed tests and usually get 2.8-3.1. I’ve never seen this happen before while streaming on this same network. I have screenshots of the bitrates from both Wowza Cloud and Wirecast showing the dip. The inbound was steady at 1MB then dropped to 100K for a couple minutes then back up. The outbound was around 2.1 MB and dropped to 400K.

Hello Eric,

Most likely this type of issue is related to the encoder or the path to the transcoder, but to be certain, I would encourage you to submit a support request so that we can obtain your account details and review this further for you.



Thanks Mac, I did submit a support request to see if a Wowza engineer could look at it and give their input. I got a response and in general they could see a drop in input bandwidth being sent to Wowza. I had all other internet traffic in our building shut down so all I can think of is that it was an AT&T bandwidth issue for a couple of minutes.