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Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming WebRTC to RTSP


We have an incoming WebRTC stream from Unreal Engine’s Pixel Streaming plugin ( We would like to use Wowza’s Streaming Engine to forward the WebRTC as an RTSP or SRT stream to streaming clients. However, we have some trouble connecting the WebRTC stream to Wowza Streaming Engine. The webRTC tutorials mostly cover incoming sources from webcams etc. But we cannot make the conversion to another source. The webRTC stream from Unreal Engine can be opened in my webbrowser. But I can’t seem to redirect it to Wowza. Can someone help out with this?

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Hey there, I’m not familiar with Unreal Engine plugin and have never had anyone ask about it. I guess we would need to look at the codecs being used to see if they meet the requirements.

Have you tested webrtc from your regular browser without that plugin just to make sure you have the configuration and SSL set up correctly for a basic webrtc stream?

I would send a support ticket and have the engineers take a look at your ports and network setup. I’m not sure we can grab it from a plugin as a source.

I see this on the Unreal Engine website and that might be the issue because Wowza Streaming Engine uses similar ports and that can’t already be in use:

You are probably gonna run into two issues:

  1. The handshake mechanism for WebRTC is not standardised. Wowza might not be able to handshake (WebRTC session handshake) with unreal engine and vice versa.

  2. Codec configuration might limiting stream interpretation and sharing between the two as @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com pointed out.