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update sll cert

i have no idea how to do this. i do not admin servers. how can i update expiring cert?


Are you using StreamLock or a 3rd party SSL certificate? We have articles you might find helpful that describe both of these installation options.

If your updating StreamLock certificates, after you select renew in the Wowza Portal you will need do download the new certificate and copy it to your server. Restarting Wowza Streaming Engine is necessary for this update to take effect.

How to get SSL certificates from the StreamLock service

Otherwise, with a 3rd party certificate you will need to import it into your server to replace the old certificate as shown in this article:

How to request an SSL certificate from a certificate authority

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Another small detail is that the old expired certificate needs to be deleted from the keystore (using the keytool delete command), before new one will be picked up. The keystore needs to store only one alias.