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Update stream file uri need disconnect and then connect

Our situation need update stream file uri to refresh token.
But after update stream file the incoming streams still expired, we need disconnect stream and then connect it.
I also test with reset stream in incomming streams, still no working.

There has any method can update uri without disconnect stream?
Any one can help to give us some recommend?

Is anyone can help us please.

Can you explain the issue a bit better. Sorry I am unable to understand the description at the moment.

Because we need change the uri every 2 hours to prevent expired.

Using api to change the uri in streamfile.
I can see the changes from manager webui.
But the client still connect to the old uri.
Need disconnect and then connect the stream can make the uri changes work.

So we want to know this behavior is normal or not.
And how can we fix this situation.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

In any connection oriented technology once connection is established session remains. Any changes you make to server won’t be valid for client till they disconnect and reconnect.

Disconnect and connect stream are operated in wowza manager live application settings.
Not client connection.

Disconnect stream operation in page of “incoming streams”
Connect stream operation in page of “stream files”