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Update StreamLock certificate for VM on Azure

We spun up a a Wowzer server VM in Azure using an image from the Azure Marketplace but neglected to change the IP address to static. The IP address changed, which rendered our StreamLock SSL certificate and DNS entry invalid. I’d like to create a new StreamLock certificate with the new IP address, but to do that, it appears that I need the license key for the server, and both Microsoft and Wowza are pointing at the other as the responsible party for that key. I’ve tried using the key in server.license to regenerate the StreamLock certificate, but the Wowza website rejects it. Any ideas short of blowing away that VM and spinning up a new one?

Let me find out for you @Randall Eike…

Here is some info for you @Randall Eike from billing:

We see through your email address on file that we have you associated with Eike consulting. We also see that you have that azure account registered with us as an “asset” in your marketplace account. The default is 2 SSL certificates, but if you have access to that account with us, you can request another SSL certificate.

Does that help? Please let me know- thanks.

Yes, that helps if you can tell me how to request another ssl certificate. Thanks.

Billing says you can log in to your account I referenced above and there is an option to request an increase in SSL certificates. If you don’t see it, please email and please put it attention Jeanie. She’ll get you all set up. Thanks!