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Update to 4.7.4 and problems

I made the update to 4.7.3 to 4.7.4 and … theoretically everything works … but still … two streams from IP cameras have stopped working. Streaming triggered by wirecast or OBS also did not want to start. Streams reach the server but you can not play them. Some are SSL after others after http. Because it is a production server - I uninstalled the update and … everything works as before. But … but something happened. Do you have any information?@username

I am having a similar problem. I don’t have live streams. But, my video on demand type streams all say Error loading stream: Could not connect to server.

Are you getting the same error?

I have 2 systems. One is still at 4.7.3 and working perfectly fine.

That was exactly what it was. I reported the problem. I sent the files. I am waiting.

I just sent them the logs too. So we will see what they have to say.

I did the update to 4.7.4 last night and now NOTHING works. All my custom applications are gone and I cannot get any of my streams to work. I’ve filed a support ticket and haven’t heard anything. My 8 offices are dead in the water until we get this fixed.

Support - they sent a new update. he partially fixed the problem … but only partly. I am still waiting

You should uninstall. You can remove the update so it will go back to the older version you had. That should be in with the installer directions. That is my plan unless I get something useful from support. I haven’t heard back from them today though so they are probably having this problem with a ton of people.

it looks like: I got a new update from support. the problem is still there. unfortunately. Theoretically, wowza produces a stream with h264 and AAC but … this stream (HLS) does not work in any player on the website. However, it works in VLC, and apparently is h264 and aac I am forced to return to 473 - now everything works.

server with 40 streams charged at 30% ??? what an update - the worse it works. intel xeon 1650v3 3.5gHz; 128GB ram, windows 64 - win server2016 my thoughts… I’ve been using wowza since 2008 or 2007, I do not remember … so badly working wowzy probably was not yet.

the update I received - did not give anything. The problem occurs. I returned to 473

Hi. Have you received any sensible relation to this problem?