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Urgent, live stream to get screenshot frame problem!

Released in the stream of time, I custom for instance name, I get live streaming through wowza screenshots frame of the url can’t get of, for example, I custom 'test instance name, url: http://localhost:8086/thumbnail?Application = live&instance = test&streamname = test. Stream&size = 640 x360 & fitmode = the letterbox

Please see this post for help

You’ll need to send a support ticket if you need assistance debugging. We do not do that in the forums. Thanks.

I can get thumbnails according to wowza document, but I can’t use ‘test’ instance. Why

We’re not sure and is not possible to determine through the forums unfortunately. Can you send in a support ticket and we’ll be able to debug the issue there. Thanks.

Also, at the very top of this page, you can see a SUPPORT tab in the navigation bar- you can click there as well.

You can submit a support ticket here -

Please be sure to select the correct product, which in your case appears to be Wowza Streaming Engine.

What is the address for submitting the support ticket