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(URGENT) Problem with Wowza 4 and GeoIP2

GeoIP**(1)** work fine, but, GeoIP2 dont work, i’m using this samples from maxmind (

Im loading GeoIP2-City.mmdb with:

[PHP]public void onAppStart(IApplicationInstance appInstance) {

try {

File dbGeoIP2City = new File(Bootstrap.getServerHome(Bootstrap.CONFIGHOME)+File.separatorChar+“GeoIP”+File.separatorChar+“GeoIP2-City.mmdb”);

GeoIP2_reader = new DatabaseReader.Builder(dbGeoIP2City).withCache(new CHMCache()).build();

} catch (Exception e) {

getLogger().error("Error loading plugins: "+e.toString());



and this is for print

[PHP] try {

InetAddress ipAddress = InetAddress.getByName(“MY_IP”);

CityResponse response =;

Country country = response.getCountry();

Subdivision subdivision = response.getMostSpecificSubdivision();

City city = response.getCity();

String _User_Country_Name = country.getName();

String _User_Country_Name_Iso = country.getIsoCode();

String _User_Country_City = city.getName();

String _User_Country_Region = subdivision.getName();

String _User_Country_Region_Iso = subdivision.getIsoCode();

getLogger().info("_User_Country_Name: " + _User_Country_Name);

getLogger().info("_User_Country_Name_Iso: " + _User_Country_Name_Iso);

getLogger().info("_User_Country_City: " + _User_Country_City);

getLogger().info("_User_Country_Region: " + _User_Country_Region);

getLogger().info("_User_Country_Region_Iso: " + _User_Country_Region_Iso);

} catch (Exception e) {

getLogger().error("Error GeoIP: "+e.toString());


But it does nothing, what is the problem? Please provide a basic sample for wowza integration, my project was stopped because of that :frowning:

At least give me an answer is this integration is possible, if not, I will return to normal GeoIP immediately.


The GEOIP2 database format has not been implemented, when it is this article: be updated to reflect that support, and these changes usually happen around the same time as a version update.

A change like this will also be listed on our Software Updates page:

Jason Hatchett

I have updated the wowza-geoip plugin to use GeoIP2 DB. However only tested with Wowza Streaming 3.6.4. I did not test with Wowza 4