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Urgent- Unable to record live streaming of tv channel m3u8 URL

i have installed wowza streaming engine at linux server
and i have create live application with the following settings
Playback Types:
Apple HLS
Adobe RTMP
Low-latency stream (ideal for chat applications)
Record all incoming streams
Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) (for HTTP-based streams)
Streaming File Directory:
Closed Caption Sources:
Maximum Connections:
-Not Set-

and i have created stream files that refers to TV channel streaming m3u8 URL
Stream Name:
Stream URI: https://domain/p/rotana-cinema.m3u8?p=50&s=1618233936&e=1618838736&cf=1618838736&h=7d7093a288cf427d1b44409170dbc180

then i have connected this stream to the application using the following:
Connect to default application instance: definst
MediaCaster Type:applehls

when i viewed the stream at Incoming stream , the stream status is always waiting for stream and Not Active and unable to record stream.

i need help to know what is wrong at the above steps to be able to record live streaming for tv channel m3u8 url , however it was able to record stream using the same steps last week

Any updates please???