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Urgent - Windows 7 + IE 11

We have a simple setup on Wowza Cloud streaming to the Wowza Player with Apple HLS. A pretty standard setup.

The player works in all browsers except IE 11 on Windows 7. IE 11 loads a flash version of the Wowza player.

The issue with the flash player is, that after initiation an error is shown: Stream Unavailable.

Its hard to debug as the player is flash and no errors are given on the command line.

Hello Bill,

Do you have a running stream that we can test with? If it is sensitive or you don’t wish to post the link in public then please open a support ticket with details of your Live Stream and account details and we can take a closer look for you.

I would also recommend that you open the Developer Tools in IE11 (F12) while attempting to play your stream as Wowza Player does log quite a lot of info about the source in the Console tab of that tool. It may help pinpoint the particular issue you are seeing.



Thanks. I used the developer console and found an issue with IE 11 not reading the source correctly. This has been resolved.


IE11 does require absolute URL’s with the Wowza Load Balancer. If you enable the absolute URL’s for playlist and chunklist responses, this should resolve the 404 errors seen with IE11 and Wowza Load Balancer. Please try using the properties as described in the following article:

Best regards,