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Use java API to hook a user into a feed

What I want to do is to hook a user up to a video stream inside my java code. Say we got streams being published into our Wowza engine. A user calls our REST service, we authenticate and all that and inside that service we hook them up to a stream that is being published currently. Is that possible? Any insights appreciated

I suppose that’s possible; but it’s mostly your REST service and the user-side that need to communicate. I’d say that e.g. your REST service can respond with the stream URL so that when the user gets response 200, the response body contains the stream URL and he can add that to the player and start playing.

As an extra protection, you could generate one-off stream keys and use the Wowza-Stream-Alias function to find the correct streamname based on the key, which you also can connect to your database for verification. You’ll need to develop a plug-in/module though; it’s not an existing feature in Wowza.

That sounds pretty good, returning the stream URL from the REST service. I haven’t had time to investigate exactly how to do that so if you have any insights it would be most appreciated. Thanks