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User control by roles

hi, I need some way of controlling the streams based on user roles, I mean if I have only 600 kbps and there are some users playing streams and then comes another user with higher priority, how I close the streams and give all the bandwidth to the super user¿

Or how I can adjust the bandwidth based on the role¿

This is a great question @Luis Molina Martinez and not one I’ve encountered before. Let me ask my team and I will respond shortly. Thanks.

thanks Rose, really appreciated.

Here is the suggestion I received for you @Luis Molina Martinez:

“If he has multiple bitrate renditions available then he could probably do something custom using the IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider interface or an IMediaListProvider implementation.”

or this route was also suggested:

I will check it but it doesn’t looks easy

Please know you are more than welcome to submit a support ticket and get some personal guidance from the engineering team. You can do that here: