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Using a transcoder to convert WebRTC to SRT


I’m trying to transcode webRTC to SRT with no success. I use a trnscoder with video set to “Passthrough” and audio set to AAC. Unfortunately, If i set the transcoded stream as source for a stream target, i always get “error”. Is there a way to get that work.

I managed to transcode that stream in MPEG-TS. That seems to work, although i have problems like video freezes and pixelation.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you very much in advance,

Are you able to play the stream directly from the Wowza Streaming Engine, e.g. with VLC or ffplay over RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-DASH or HLS?

Hi Karel,

I checked that. VLC plays the stream over UDP: udp://

But can VLC play the stream from Wowza? Like rtmp://{wowza-ip}/live/mystream or http://{wowza-ip}:1935/live/mystream/playlist.m3u8

Hi Karel,

yes, I can play http://{wowza-ip}:1935/live/mystream/playlist.m3u8 BUT some strange thing happens: I see the stream but it alternates with a black screen. A bit of the stream followed by a black screen…i have no idea why…

If your test playback directly from the server over HLS and RTMP isn’t stable either then it’s probably something with the ingest; maybe your WebRTC incoming stream isn’t stable?

Karel, now it’s OK. The problem was a port that should have been open but it wasn’t. In addition to this, by using srt I have no problems at all with the video quality. The only thing is that I don’t have audio… I will check it.

Thank you very much for your support.

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Good to hear it has been solved, @Davide_Calde. Good luck with your project!