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Using Amazon S3 in Wowza


My videos are on Amazon S3. I am trying to broadcast over Wowza.

Amazon path:

prefix: amazons3/

I entered in Keyleri.

The url where the video works:

(Not working & error is not generated in log)


Can you help me?

We would suggest using MediaCache for VOD in AWS. The user guide for the Media Cache feature of Wowza Streaming Engine provides numerous configuration and playback examples which will show you to access you VOD streams in AWS:

If you still need assistance after viewing the samples, please feel to submit a support ticket and we will walk you through the setup.

Thank you for your answer. The source you provided is guiding.

I want to integrate wowza with my PHP website to directly stream on the website. For the data, i want it to be pulled from S3. I am also using EC2 AWS for PHP website and wowza. Is there any guide for connecting s3?

You’re welcome! Hope it’s helping. If you need more help, you can submit a support ticket and we can walk your through your setup and make sure it’s working.