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Using encryption on an ABR stream

I have a 4 bitrate ABR stream-set working without encryption (external method). Each stream plays fine independently when encrypted, but if I put them together in a SMIL file, I cannot get them to play. I get strange errors that have nothing to do with encryption. If I pull the chunklist via a curl command, I get the proper format, but the video will not play. Is there anything special that needs to be done to make encrypted files play via a SMIL file?


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You must have a .key file for each stream that you want to protect. Each of these files may use the same 32-byte key and the same URL to return that key to devices, or you might have a different key and different URL for each stream.

Also, can you setup a key file per folder for this application. You will see how to set this up in this article in the key folder section. Once setup can you restart and te-test?