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using RTSP from wifi connected camera with libstreaming

Hi, I am a newbie of using libstreaming.

I am wondering if there is a way to use the libstreaming to pull streaming from established rtsp (internal ip) and use it with libstreaming to send it to WOWZA server.

So, here is my flow.

  1. Connect to camera via Android’s wifi and get rtsp address

  2. Use this rtsp address with libstreaming to send it over to WOWZA server via 4G cellular network.

Found a way of activating WIFI and 4G at the same time within the phone.

But need help to use libstreaming with internally passed rtsp.

Rtsp will have

16:9 aspect ratio with 640x360, bit rate around 1640 kbps.

The stream is running on RTP transport; video part is encoded in H.264 with YUV 4:2:0 pixel format, 30 FPS frame rate.

Main question is if there is a pre-established rtsp connection with the camera via wifi, how do I send it to Wowza using libstreaming (or similar library) via 3g/4g cellular network? I wonder if there is an easy way. Do I need to re-packetize the current stream?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Wowza Streaming Engine can pull content from an RTSP source URL and deliver it to players. We have an article on how to do this.

If your camera delivers AAC audio then you can include that as well. If it does not deliver AAC audio but instead delivers either G.711 µ-law or alaw audio then you should either exclude the audio or use our Transcoder to encode the audio on the fly. Below is an article on how to do that.

I am grateful for the answers. However, the camera I have is not ipcamera. Even if the mobile phone takes the role of ipcamera as an alternative, I can not refer to this article because the lte network can not be accessed from the outside.