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Using source security IP whitelisting from file

Source security by IP works great, but it relies on you inputting a string into the Application.xml file itself. I’m trying (and failing) to use a single file with a properly formed comma separated string of IP addresses and use xi:include to get the engine to pickup the string from my whitelist.txt file vs. from the Application.xml configuration itself.

Is anyone aware of a method of using IP whitelisting from a file instead of directly within the Application settings? I’m aware of all the other methods of securing RTMP live sources, but for many reasons security by IP is really the only viable method. If I can’t get it to work at the application level, I’ll likely revert to using iptables.


did you find a solution ? I’m also interested.

This is what technical support suggests that you do:

For REST API, the following article shows how to make changes to the Application.xml A PUT request method containing relevant

“publishIPBlackList”: “”,
“publishIPWhiteList”: “”,

should update an existing app. It’s most likely the app instance would need to be reloaded for the changes to take effect though.

A better way to do this is to read the ips as a json array output from a url. That way you can update the output without having to restart wowza.

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Cool, thank you. That’s why a community forum is so helpful!

you mean from a module ?

Inside your module code to pick list from a url output rather than file. That way you can reload midway without restarting server.