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Using the AutoRecord Module, problems with custom properties


I’m testing the AutoRecord Modules as list in your AutoRecord Module tutorial.

After module is loaded and ready to use, the problem is when I add the custom properties with the path referenced (ex. /Root/Application/StreamRecorder), after save&restart App, these properties don’t appears never, if you add with other different path (ex. /Root/Application/) then they are saved ok, but the properties aren’t working with the module.

Is there any missed parts to configure? Why is this behavior?

Thanks, regards

Hello @MAnuel Sanchez Bartolome, have you had a chance yet to review our GitHub example on this?

Let me know if that helps or not. Thanks.

Hi, I have seen that your example is a modified version of the source code with advanced functionalities added. My problem is that using oficial Wowza module does not recognize the custom properties added, following the tutorial correctly and installing the module, changing the values of the properties does not affect the behavior at all.

When insert a custom porperty if the path is ex. /Root/Application/StreamRecorder, this property is not saved, if add distinct path ex. /Root/Application, new property is saved, but don't work. Any ideas?

I had this same problem too. I noticed the Application xml had it in the spot, but seems to have no effect.

Two things to check @Blair Liikala:

  1. Did you already restart the application to save the changes in the Engine manager or through the REST API?

  2. Are you logged in as the official admin for the account? If you are not, you don’t have authority to make certain changes.

  1. Multiple times, application/server/machine.

  2. Yes, other custom properties add, just not at the StreamRecord.